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Celtic Cross, St. Nicholas' Church, LazonbyWelcome to the Celtic Blessings blog! Where did the name come from? Well, I am an Irish-American guy who loves the history of the Celts and all things nature.

This blog will eventually be filled with things that are important and yes, sometimes fun to me. I have wide and varied range of interests, so you will find just about anything here. From recipes to daily news to prayers.

Recipe #283: Italian-Style Jicama-Cucumber Salad

This blog is coming from the heart, so all are welcomed here. It’s an all-inclusive place to visit. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or if your opinions differ from mine. You are welcome here. With that said, there are just a few ground rules. Please be kind when you come to visit.

English: Shield of the US Episcopal Church, co...

Please refrain from being cruel and demeaning to others. No postings of anything pornographic. Racism of any kind is unacceptable.

Again, welcome to my blog, and I hope you join me for the ride. Who knows where it will take us. And remember, your views and feelings are just as real and important as mine are!

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